Hellblade 2 is making life difficult for developers of Ninja Theory. This has been expressed in a new video dedicated to the creative process of the game “behind the scenes”, shared yesterday as part of the Xbox Games Showcase Extended. “Hellblade It was a very special game for us, and that’s why we don’t want to make a simple sequel. We want to do something else“, expressed Tameem Antoniades, Creative Director of Ninja Theory. The title will be available in Spain and worldwide on both PC and Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

Hellblade 2: Something more than a sequel

“What we’re doing now is building a good portion of the game before going into full production to build the rest,” Antoniades explains. “Hellblade was very special for us and we didn’t want to do a direct sequel, we wanted to do something more special, so we are making our lives as difficult as possible with that search“. Antoniades then goes on to explain in general terms what we can expect from Hellblade 2, at the plot and focus level.

The game is located in 9th century Iceland, an environment that will serve to explore all kinds of myths, gods and religion of this place. “We have been sending our art and audio teams to take pictures, photogrammetry and combine them with satellite data. to recreate large areas of the landscape, “explains the creative director. In fact, a few months ago, they already showed us in a new preview some of the beautiful views that the game offers.

Hellblade 2 takes us to hostile 9th century Iceland

In regards to the characters, Ninja Theory are working to recreate royal apparel by scanning. “We are collaborating with Epic Games to bring you next generation digital characters“, he points out. Let’s remember that the title is being developed in Unreal Engine 5.” The team will develop the game in Unreal 5 and harness the power of Xbox Series X to take the Hellblade saga to levels never seen before“, indicated at the time Jason Ronald, Director of Program Management for Xbox Series X.

As for combat, the development studio wanted to raise the stakes and provide a more real and brutal experience: “As Melina [Juergens], our lead actress, has been training for two years, and all of our animators have received combat training. “For now, that’s it. Hellblade 2, what still no departure date.

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