Katsuhiro Harada, producer of Bandai Namco and the saga Tekken, has clarified the comments that circulated these days in which he supposedly canceled Tekken X Street Fighter, a crossover of the two fighting sagas that adapted the Capcom characters to the gameplay of Tekken. Announced in 2010, during all this time no progress has been shown and the news was taken for granted, although Harada made it clear that in reality the situation has not changed compared to what was thought: is indefinitely detained, although the project has not died.

“For some reason the meaning of the word Okura-iri it is [en las traduccin de su comentario] ‘project dead’, but the original meaning is ‘paused’ or ‘stopped’. Contracts with artists and external development partners are subject to terms and conditions, including the duration [del proyecto], so we don’t have the rights indefinitely. So this game has stopped for the moment, “says Harada.” In any case, his state is not much different from what I told you about. “

“We still hope that TKxSF Advance development when the opportunity arises. However, such a title cannot be advanced solely by the desire of one company for marketing and branding reasons, and it also affects the resources of another company. For now, we are waiting for the right moment. “The producer also admits that it is sometimes difficult to translate or monitor all statements and misunderstandings of this type can appear.

In 2012 they launched Street Fighter X Tekken

This collaboration between companies bore its first fruit with Street Fighter X Tekken, launched by Capcom in 2012, thanks to the friendship of Harada and Yoshinori Ono – at that time responsible for Street Fighter-. According to Harada’s statement this week, Tekken x Street Fighter 30% of the project had been completed and character modeling and animations had been completed, but this material will not be shown as it affects Capcom’s rights.

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