Hangar 13, the study in charge of Mafia III Y Mafia: Definitive Edition, would be developing a new science fiction-themed open-world video game. Yesterday we informed you that during the early morning some of the projects in which 2K will be currently engaged. One of them is about Codename Volt, the title that is supposedly being developed Hangar 13 and that it is in a somewhat green stage of development.

Codename Volt will be a mix of Saints Row and Lovecraftian horror

Codename Volt is defined as an open world action game with a component of terror lovecraftiano and that is why it has been described as a “Cthulu conoce a Saints Row. About the component Saints Row little information has been detailed, but could refer to the playing style, some mechanics that he borrowed or, perhaps, were inspired by the hooligan humor, although a priori it seems that it collided with the atmosphere of terror. The leak also mentioned that the logo of the video game resembles that of the saga Fallout.

Considering that the leak reports that the title is still in a very early stage of development, we probably won’t see anything of it for a few years. In fact, Codename Volt has all the ballots to be a provisional and code name to call the game in some way internally in the development team. The reports about what Hangar 13 is working on an open world Triple A coming to us from last year and this new leak could have just confirmed some juicier details of the proposal.

In addition to Codename Volt, the leak also provided new details about other titles that would be being developed by 2K studios, among which we can highlight a new spin-off from Borderlands and a game of Marvel following in the wake of the XCOM. Although the information should be taken with caution, some well-known personalities in the video game news media, such as Jason Schreier, are aware of them.

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