Halo Infinite prepares to immerse players in a delivery that bet on returning to the roots of the saga, inviting us to accompany the Master Chief once more on his adventures. It will be available later this year on both PC and Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One, in Spain and around the world. From the hand of 343 Industries, the creators wanted players to have a reminder of the entire franchise on hand – and that’s why they announced of Halo Encyclopedia, available in stores and bookstores in March 2022. We tell you all the details.

Halo Encyclopedia, the stories and images of the Halo

343 Industries and Dark Horse Comics have joined forces to put the call up for sale Halo Encyclopedia. It is signed by Jeff Easterling, Jeremy Patenaude and Kenneth Peters; its arrival date is set for March 29, 2022 and offers around 500 pages with information, stories and images of the saga. It aims to be 25% larger than the last edition, and include it as well details related to Halo Infinite, which is why it will debut later.

In this way, Halo Encyclopedia includes in its lore pages, images of various books, games and other media from the franchise; game assets that are “new and freshly caught” and other “cool stuff”. We assume that it may include spoilers from Halo Infinite, and that is why they have chosen a date after the arrival of the title to PC and Xbox consoles. On the other hand, the reservation details for this book will be announced “soon”, so we will have to stay tuned for them.

The Halo Encyclopedia will include information from Halo Infinite

Halo InfiniteFor its part, it has not yet decided on a specific arrival date: although its launch window will have narrowed, it seems that 343 Industries and Microsoft are waiting to see when other great titles are expected to be released. the fall season-Christmas (like the new Call of Duty). In any case, you can expect the title to be released around that time on both PC, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One.

On the other hand, it is expected that the technical beta of the multiplayer mode can be tested this summer, but 343 Industries noted earlier this month that they are still putting the final stitches on the build of this test. For now, we can only hope in this regard as well. In Vandal we have highlighted you the 8 keys to the online aspect of the game, so you don’t miss a single detail.

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