This weekend the Nebula Awards 2020, annual awards in which the best works of science fiction and fantasy published in the United States. Among the various categories, such as best novel or best short, there is an award for the best video game script: this year, the members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) they have chosen Hades, the roguelite from Supergiant Games, to present him with this award.

Hades has thus been done with the Nebula award for the best video game script of 2020, an award given by the members of this non-profit association and for which the following video games were nominated:

  • Blaseball, The Game Band (Stephen Bell, Joel Clark, Sam Rosenthal)
  • Hades, de Supergiant Games (Greg Kasavin)
  • Kentucky Route Zero, de Cardboard Computer (Jake Elliott)
  • The Luminous Underground, de Choice of Games (Phoebe Barton)
  • Scents & Semiosis, de Sam Kabo Ashwell, Cat Manning, Caleb Wilson y Yoon Ha Lee
  • Spiritfarerby Thunder Lotus Games (Nicolas Gurin, Maxime Monast and Alex Tommi-Morin)

Supergiant Games celebrates the award

Greg Kasavin, Creative Director at Supergiant Games and Principal Writer for HadesHe wanted to celebrate the award on his personal Twitter account: “The gods have an ironic sense of humor and they have not allowed me to accept this award at tonight’s live gala, but this is too much for me. This award has been given to some of the authors whose work has meant to me, many thanks to SFWA!“, you can read in his tweet.

The guin of Hades is one of the highlights the roguelite of Supergiant Games, something that in Vandal We also valued in our review when the game was officially released on PC and Switch in September last year: “Roguelikes there are many, but Hades knows how to surprise with new unlockables related to the gameplay the events, it does not matter the tens of hours that you carry behind your back. Either because the game itself is aware of its playable cycle and reflects it in conversations with the characters, or by all possible combinations of equipment, It is a much less heavy or repetitive game than similar proposals“.

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