In October 2020 the well-known brand of graphics cards ASUS decide to launch special editions of your cards ASUS ROG RTX 3080 y 3090 decorated with motifs of Gundam, Yoshiyuki Tornino’s futuristic anime franchise that has huge fans around the world.

These charts had the same features as regular RTX 3080s of NVIDIA with the cooling options of ASUS ROG, its only differentiating feature being its colors with nods to these anime that made them tremendously sought after and difficult to get especially in countries like Japan and that have now reappeared … second hand models in a store specialized in hardware for cryptocurrency miners.

Specifically, dozens of these graphics have been seen stacked “like in sardine cans” in a store in Vietnam to be sold in packs destined for the crypto miner… that if right now someone wants to buy these packages since after the fall of Bitcoin and China’s free regulation of virtual currencies, fewer and fewer users are interested in “mining crypto” and in fact it is beginning to be common to see Large numbers of second-hand charts for sale that have had a very busy first life mining Bitcoin or Ethereum.

We are therefore faced with another example of the damage the cryptocurrency miner has done to the graphics market. This particular model, more expensive and that did not have any kind of extras, was intended for Gundam fans and in most cases ended up in the hands of miners or speculators who came to sell this model for between 2000 and 3000 dollars. on eBay.

Charts start to go down in price

The good news is that graphics cards are gradually becoming starting to drop in price due to China’s hack into cryptocurrencies as well as the future change in the Ethereum mining system that will make GPUs not so necessary to perform operations and obtain this type of values.

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