The fans of the locks or giant piloted robots are in luck. To the announcement of Super Robot Wars 30 next October 28 to Spain for PC we must add the just announced Gundam Evolution, a free first person shooter game with structure hero shooter to arrive sometime in 2022 to PC and other platforms unannounced.

As you can see in the trailer inserted on these lines, the similarities with the Overwatch from Blizzard Entertainment are not few. The gameplay seems to be based on teams that must fight for control points on the map. The same interface replicates the icons of the main skills and the ultimate ability of the aforementioned title, as well as the marker. And of course there are heroes, here in robotic form: Gundam, Asshimar, GM Sniper II, Dom Trooper, Sazabi y Gundam Barbatos.

The title will be developed by Bandai Namco Online with the graphics engine Unreal Engine. There will be a Japanese broadcast on Sunday July 18 at 11:00 Spanish peninsular time that will be broadcast through YouTube channels and Twitter by Bandai Namco Japan. In that space show gameplay, darn ms informacin of the game and details of the beta, which will take place in the country of the rising sun on August 8 and 9

Gundam Evolution

There will be different modes and maps in 6v6 games

Gundam Evolution is a first person shooter game where players can experience the fast and immersive team battles while piloting the Mobile Suit from the popular series anime Gundam“, says Bandai Namco in a press release collected by Gematsu.

“Players can fight using Mobile Suits, each with their own abilities, and fight while switching between themselves as the situation calls for.” The editor concludes: “The game has intuitive controls thanks to the unique ‘Boost’ system and it allows players to enjoy six-on-six online battles with different rules and maps. ”You can see more images of the game below.

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