Arc System Works has announced that the physical and digital sales of Guilty Gear: Strive they have exceeded half a million Since its launch on June 11 on PS5, PS4 and PC -in the first days it had achieved 300,000 units-. In addition, as promised with the post-launch content, the company will disclose his first downloadable fighter on July 20 in a broadcast that can be followed on YouTube. No date has been mentioned for its availability but the character should be ready very soon.

The first season pass provide content this summer and fall with five playable characters, two scenarios, the DLC Guilty Gear: Strive Additional Colour Pack and more history. To this must be added free content with updates such as the Combo Maker, which allows users to share their original combos for other players to learn; additional customization features for the players’ game room and a “Digital Figure Mode”, which allows you to create original digital dioramas using models of characters from the game.

The second playable character of the season will be announced in August, and three more throughout the fall, including originals and the return of classics.

An outstanding game with the spectacularity of ASW

In our analysis we tell you that “Strive They seem to have struck the right balance, debuting with a handful of fighters spanning all play styles, with the only downside that can be attributed to any initial launch of a fighting title: a little bit of content to be mitigated with season passes. Luckily, the bomb-proof gameplay, solid online gameplay, and a good collection of newbie modes make Strive the best time to get into the game. Guilty Gear if you haven’t already. A must for fans of 2D fighting“This template, somewhat scarce compared to other games, makes up for its small number with a great variety that adjusts to the way of playing of all users.

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