In just a few months will be fulfilled eight years from the original release in Spain (and the rest of the world) of Grand Theft Auto V on PS3 and Xbox 360, consoles from two generations ago that saw the birth of this phenomenon at the end of its life cycle. Since then, Rockstar Games has been reissuing its game on new platforms: first on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and soon on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S with graphical improvements. next-gen. However, on computers it is already possible to see cmo evening Grand Theft Auto V with next-gen graphics thanks to mods.

We have already told you on several occasions about these mods of Grand Theft Auto V that give an impressive graphic finish to the Rockstar Games game, but its authors do not stop updating the projects to make them look more and more like a new generation video game. They have recently been published two new videos in which it is demonstrated how every detail counts to make this iconic title more and more spectacular on a graphic level: the one that you are going to see next boasts a completely renewed lighting, with ray-tracing and several more mods working on an RTX 3090.

Ray tracing, 8K resolution, realistic appearance …

The other new video is from the Digital Dreams channel, where game sequences with a good variety of mods installed are sometimes posted so that we can imagine the limits of today’s technology. In the video available under these lines you can see another version of Grand Theft Auto V with ray tracing, enhanced lighting and resolution up to 8K in Youtube. There are also other mods that not only improve the graphical performance of the game, but the very appearance of its elements, such as one that modifies the clouds so that they are much more realistic than in the original game.

Regardless of whether you play Grand Theft Auto V With or without mods, its virtues become apparent as soon as you delve into its experience. As we said in our analysis, this installment of the Rockstar Games open world action saga is a “huge game, with a quality in all its sections that is available to very few” and “a masterpiece of the genre”.

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