Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas It is one of those games that is burned into the retina of Spanish players and around the world. He debuted in 2004 and invited us to roam the streets of San Andreas as CJ. Now, thanks to the work of the modder community, we have been able to enjoy a rebirth of this legendary game enjoying a real face lift in its PC version. We leave you the demonstration video, and we tell you how to remaster also your San Andreas so it looks like this:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the list of mods for remastering

The YouTube channel just Gesha has been in charge of sharing the spectacular appearance it enjoys GTA San Andreas. To achieve this, however, about 50 mods were needed; a string of modifications with which the modder community has wanted push the game beyond its limits what are there looks like a modern day title. In addition to retouch textures and graphics itself, mods also take care of improve the map, vehicles, physics and even artificial intelligence.

In the link that we leave you below, you can find the list of all mods which are necessary for GTA San Andreas to look the same as in the video. In addition, within that link they have included Additional Instructions to assist you in the installation process. As just Gesha points out, it is very important that you follow this step by step because, otherwise, you can get stuck or even break the game.

It took 50 mods to make GTA San Andreas look like a modern day game

Meanwhile, the fans follow waiting for news of the next installment of the saga. The last we knew related, slightly, with Grand Theft Auto VI the thing is Take-Two has registered a patent to make the characters, those who are controlled by the AI, move much more realistically through the environments of the game. The title has not been announced in a proper way, but it is expected that offers great improvements compared to its predecessor, The popular Grand Theft Auto V, which has managed to exceed 140 million copies sold.

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