GTA Online, the multiplayer side of Grand Theft Auto 5, this week receive a whole string of new stunt racing for Spanish players and players from around the world based in Los Santos to enjoy them. Since Rockstar have also shared that users will receive a GTA $ 100,000 bonus slo for starting sesin; the how triple rewards for participating in these new competitions. In addition, we can unlock a new t-shirt and receive a free cap. We tell you all the details under these lines.

Introducing the New Stunt Races in GTA Online

New races in GTA Online

They arrive eight new stunt races to the streets of Los Santos. “Whether you prefer to be part of a blur of tuned sports cars speeding down the freeway, join the bikes that rush through the Palmer-Taylor power plant at full speed, or drive one of the cars that test the laws of physics. on gravity-defying tours, these new circuits have something for all adrenaline junkies“They detail from Rockstar.

Sun, sea and chicanes

Carrera Sol, Mar y Chicanes

Enjoy the majestic nature as it flashes past your window in a kind of dizzy blur that is sure to leave you with a smile on your face and make you vomit your food all over the dash. Acrobatic race for classic sports.


Narrowness Race

You live with the constant feeling that the walls are coming over you because of the crushing stress of the modern world? You will see that they are not your imaginations when the asphalt peels your cocorota. Not suitable for claustrophobic. Stunt race for motorcycles.

Distant bridge

Far Bridge Race

There is a better time to properly appreciate the structural integrity of the La Puerta highway amid the chaos and massacres of a circuit full of lunties who drink Terroil while filling the tank? No, there is not. Acrobatic race for sports.

La gran maraa

Great Mara race

Based on the non-linear architecture of French postmodernism. This is what happens when your architect goes up to the eyebrows of Deludamol and Bluter’d and falls round on top of the model. In other words: a masterpiece and mind-blowing stunt race for blidos.

vrtigo spiral

Spiral of v

Is there a limit to the force g that a person can withstand? Would you like to check it in your meat? If you have answered “of course no” to the first and “of course” to the second, you are the ideal person to participate in this phase 2 clinical trial. with a spatula. Stunt race for supercars.

Dog meat

Ca meat

After an expensive lobbying campaign, the race organizers have managed to exclude it from the annual death statistics on the road to San Andreas. If you decide to do stunts with a gigantic vehicle, you already know how you are going to end up. Stunt race for off-road vehicles.

Smoked asphalt

Smoked asphalt in GTA Online

To try to keep the health and safety committee from noticing your constant infractions, Palmer Taylor Power Station has agreed to host a tribute to the beauty and power of fossil fuels. Do you want some advice? Race like it’s your last race, because if you don’t clap it in a jump, you will because of the toxic smoke. Stunt race for motorcycles.

Urban limits


Clear your throat, loosen your tie and announce to the general meeting of shareholders you will finish writing the strategy while the g-force crushes you. It’s time to hit the streets to do business. Someone taking notes? Stunt race for supercars.

T-shirt and GTA $ 100,000 Bonus

GTA Online t-shirt and bonus

If you complete any of the new Stunt Races before June 2 you will receive Canis USA Legend T-Shirt and GTA $ 100,000 Bonus. Both rewards will be delivered within a maximum of 72 hours after logging in after June 7. And all players participating in stunt races, both new and classic, get Triple GTA $ & RP on them all week.

Continue Triple GTA $ & RP in Motor Wars

Motor Wars and GTA Online

Our month of celebration of carnage and mayhem is drawing to a close, so be sure to participate in the ultimate battle until the very end, because Motor Wars will continue to award triple GTA $ & RP for the next seven days.

Double GTA $ & RP on Simeon Missions

Double the rewards in GTA Online

Simeon Yetarian He has been described in many ways, most of them unpleasant, but one thing that cannot be denied him is that he is an entrepreneur. If the Premium Luxury Automobiles mogul asks you to help him with a couple of repossessions and repossessions, accept his offer, because offers Double GTA $ & RP to everyone doing their Premium Deluxe embargo missions.

Free this week

Free cap in GTA Online

This week, GTA Online is gifting all players a wine colored Coil cap, so you can boast to all your friends that your carbon footprint is lower than that of your neighbor. Players who are level 100 or higher will receive the sought-after Hunting Camouflage Cover free to wrap their Mammoth Avenger in it (available up to 72 hours after logging in after June 7). Also, this week at Warstock Cache & Carry the Avenger is on sale 35%, along with its Gun Shop and Gun Shop upgrades.

Camouflage gift in GTA Online

And if you want to light up the sky or set things on fire, from Rockstar too they are going to give away the pyrotechnic can with ammunition until June 2.

Vehculo of the podium: Truffade Nero personalizado

GTA Online Fortune Wheel Prize

Celebrate your latest victory by stopping by the The Diamond Casino & Resort and play Wheel of Fortune to win GTA $, RP, clothes, snacks, and all kinds of mystery prizes. This week’s podium vehicle is the customized Truffade Nero, a modified hypercar aimed at lovers of luxury tuning. Take a spin and give it a try before heading to Benny’s to find out what this cutie can really do.


If you want to delve even further into the world of the underground, take advantage of the 40% discount on all facilities and their improvements and modifications this week, not to mention that the same discount also applies to a wide variety of high-end vehicles, both armed and normal.


  • Pegassi Infernus Classic 40% discount
  • verfld Imorgon 40% off
  • Bravado Gauntlet Classic custom 40% off
  • Grotti X80 Proto 40% discount

Special and armed vehicles:

  • Declasse Scramjet 35% off
  • Mammoth Thruster 40% off
  • Coil Rocket Voltic 40% off
  • HVY Chernobog 40% off
  • Brute RCV 40% off
  • Mammoth Hydra 40% off
  • TM-02 Khanjali 40% off

Prime Gaming bonuses and benefits

GTA Online players who link their Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts will receive free the snake of the Kosatka submarine, in addition to GTA $ 200,000 just for playing anytime this week. In addition, Prime Gaming members will receive exclusive offers, such as 60% discount on the Maxwell Vagrant buggy and 80% on the Karin Sultan Classic sedan and the mighty Mammoth Limousine Patriot.

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