GTA Online, the multiplayer side of Grand Theft Auto VThis week welcomes a whole string of news for Spanish players and players from around the world to enjoy. Rockstar has revealed the contents of this update, which offers users a Free Rally Tropes car, triple rewards in Hunting Jaura, discounts, Free Roam challenges, double rewards in Transform Races and much more. We tell you all the details below:

Free Vehicle: Lampadati Tropos Rallye

What's new in GTA Online

Few cars offer so much comfort on the asphalt like going up a muddy cliff, dodging branches and boulders, and the Lampadati Tropos Rallye is one of them “, they write from Rockstar. All players can get it for free at Southern San Andreas Super Autos this week, April 8-14.

Triple GTA $ & RP on Hunting Jaura

What's new in GTA Online

“Play your skin to protect the valuable merchandise of your team in Hunting Jaura: your vehicle contains a bomb to explode if it goes too slow,” they point out from the study. Win or lose, you’ll get triple the GTA $ and RP than usual.

Triple GTA $ & RP in Freemode Challenges

The challenges of Free Roam They are held throughout the day in GTA Online, and we can find tests such as the Longest Horse or Stolen Vehicles. Participants will earn Triple GTA $ & RP for participating through April 14.

Double GTA $ & RP on Transform Races

Triple Rewards in GTA Online

Cars, planes, trucks, fighters, jetpacks … the Transform Races solve the eternal question of which vehicle to choose. The answer is a resounding: “All”. It doesn’t matter where you live your adventures this week; you will get double GTA $ and RP as you transform to win.

Monos de Jock Cranley gratis

Double the rewards in GTA Online

Whether you’re a fan of the best thing to come out of Blaine County (Jock Cranley, stunt double who got into politics and then ended up as a commentator) or an adrenaline junkie who loves clothes. chic, If you log into GTA Online this week, you will receive Jock Cranley’s overalls in gold, silver, pink and black for free.

This week’s podium vehicle: Blista Kanjo

New veh

It is always worth going to The Diamond Casino & Resort, even if it’s to go down the hall and play Wheel of Fortune, where you can win GTA $, RP, clothing, mystery prizes, and more. This week’s podium vehicle is el Blista Kanjo, a straight-line Japanese import that has become a cult classic.


Not only will you get Tropos Rallye for free this week, but you’ll also enjoy a selection of offers: save 40% on luxury apartments and 50% on Mk II weapon upgrades and conversions. In addition, there are discounts on various vehicles. Below you will find the complete list:

  • Grotti Cheetah Classic 30% off
  • Vapid Winky 30% off
  • HVY Insurgent 40% off
  • HVY Insurgent Pick-Up 40% off
  • Lampadati Helmet 40% discount
  • Obey Omnis 40% off
  • MTL Dune 40% off

Prime Gaming bonuses and benefits

GTA Online players linking their Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts will receive the Kosatka Submarine snar for free, plus GTA $ 200,000 for playing anytime this week.

In addition, Prime Gaming members will receive exclusive offers, like 80% off at the Annis Savestra35% on the Vapid Slamtruck and 40% on the Maibatsu Manchez Scout motorcycle.

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