Creepy Jar has announced that the version for PlayStation 4 y Xbox One from Green Hell, your open-world survival game, will finally be released next month of June in Spain and in the rest of the world, thus giving us the possibility to immerse ourselves in his proposal on these platforms after passing through PC and Nintendo Switch.

Survive and keep your sanity

His story takes us to an Amazon jungle in which we must learn to survive using our environment to make all kinds of objects and tools that can be useful to us, whether to defend ourselves from predators, hunt or get supplies to keep ourselves well nourished and hydrated, all without forgetting that we also have to deal with possible injuries, diseases and injuries.

One of its biggest peculiarities is that the game is treated as if it were a psychological thriller, so not only will we have to survive in an extreme situation that will put us to the limit, but also keep our sanity as we try to find a way to escape the nightmare we will find ourselves in. So, with only a radio at our disposal, we will follow the voice of a loved one as we move through the jungle, looking for the exit and discovering how we got to this merciless situation.

Green Hell It was originally released in 2019 for PC via Steam and last year it did the same on Nintendo Switch with a conversion carried out by Forever Entertainment.. At the moment the exact day of its arrival on PS4 and Xbox One has not been specified, but at least we already have confirmation that it will be in June when we can get hold of it.

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