Over the past two decades, numerous sagas in the video game industry have adapted to mquinas pachinko, a very popular business in Japan to the point that in 2020 represented 4% of gross domestic product of the Asian country. Also known as pachislot, numerous video game companies have adapted sagas such as Metal Gear Solid, Ridge Racer Y Star Ocean to this mix of arcade and slot machines.

What are the pachinko?

Machines pachinko they look like pinball, but the players do not interact with the ball once it is thrown. The machine allows adjust the force with which the marble is thrown and it is bouncing off metal nails. The objective is that the ball passes through specific areas from the vertical table before sneaking into the hole. With some frequency, machine operators change the position of the nails so that it is not possible to learn the patterns of the marble.

It is not a regular slot machine because prizes are not directly monetary, something that Japanese law is very strict on. As explained in this article by Start It Up, the reward of victory is usually chips that players can sell in separate premises, usually owned by the same owners of the pachinko.

The pachinko traditional, located in candy stores in the 20s of the last century, ended up evolved to the pachislot current. In order to attract a younger audience, the game surrounds itself with lighting and sound effects and with a screen where animations are shown, usually based on movies, sagas of manganime, and of course, video games. In some cases, the playability of the pachinko It is identical to Western slots, but without cash prizes.

The pachinko based on video games: from Metal Gear a Project Zero

There’s a lot pachinko of videogames, the vast majority of sagas of Konami and SEGA; in 2003, Sammy, a company specializing in the pachinko, became the main shareholder of the firm, and later the merger of Sega Sammy Holdings was made. SNK Playmore It was also focused on these machines for a few years, but it left that line of business in 2015.

So, we have pachinko from Fatal Fury, based on the popular arcade fighting game Neo-Geo, Super NES and Mega Drive. Or one pachinko-slot machine dedicated to Chun-Li’s Street Fighter; also from Capcom, one of Resident Evil starring Jill Valentine.

On the Konami side there are Silent Hill 2, another of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater that recreates scenes from the third part with Generation HD graphics that allow us to imagine what a remake, and several of Castlevania, one with “erotic violence” based on Japanese installments and another inspired by Spanish Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

In 2016, Square Enix entered this business with a pachinko from Star Ocean 4 and another based on Lord of Vermilion, an arcade game of TCG (Trading Card Game). On the other hand, Bandai Namco celebrates its twentieth anniversary of his saga SoulCalibur with a pachinko. The most recently announced comes from the hand of Koei Tecmo, who have adapted their horror saga Fatal Frame O Project Zero at pachislot.

You know other machines pachinko based on video games?

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