The Spanish eShop of Nintendo Switch You have received a new batch of discounts that are now available to all players; a promotion with more than 600 discounted titles within the hybrid catalog among which we can find great essentials that no one should miss. Below we select some of those masterpieces that during these days can be found at a reduced price in the digital store.

Games you can’t miss

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild -30%

It is practically impossible to talk about Nintendo Switch without talking about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, one of the best video games in history thanks to a sublime interpretation of the open world conceptNot only can we explore a vast and beautiful world that appears to be drawn by hand, but we can also interact with it in ways we never even imagined. All while a pica and emotional story unfolds before us.

Fire Emblem Three Houses -33%

Fire Emblem Three Houses is another of the essentials of Nintendo Switch, a strategy title whose plot leads us to lead the students of one of the three prestigious houses of Fdlan before the great war arrives on the continent. Blue lions, black eagles or golden deer? Which of the three houses do you choose to become their leader and defeat enemies on the battlefield?

DOOM Eternal -50%

Captura de DOOM Eternal en Nintendo Switch.

Put on your helmet well and get ammunition for your shotgun because the armies of hell have invaded the Earth. On DOOM EternaHe will face the beings of the underworld in a brutal first person shooter experience than leave no room for boredom thanks to its fast-paced action, its masterful level design and its spectacular soundtrack. This version also has features unique to the Nintendo Switch, such as motion pointing control.

Octopath Traveler -50%

Screenshot of Octopath Traveler.

Only with its graphic section, which combines a precious pixel art with three-dimensional scenarios, Octopath Traveler already manages to put a fresh twist on traditional role-playing adventures. But it is also that, by allowing us to live its plot from eight different points of view, each with a unique character with their own abilities, this work is proposed as one of the essentials of Nintendo Switch, a game that nobody should miss, be genre lover or not.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time -25%

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time has come to unleash the madness on Nintendo Switch thanks to a dynamic action adventure platformer that does not stop constantly reinventing itself. The iconic marsupial shows in this installment that he still has a lot of war to wage, although he is not alone here: during the levels of the game we will control other important characters of the franchise, which will also bring with it new and exciting mechanical systems.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -50%

Captura de The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim It is one of the best fantasy role-playing games we can play, and doing it on Nintendo Switch is a joy, both in portable mode and on television. Entering his world is a marvel, especially if we do it enjoying its pica soundtrack, and its branching plot offers us hours of content (including its three big expansions) which we can face by giving our character the shape we want. Without a doubt, a work that everyone should have.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition -33%

One of the great classics of the role has arrived on Nintendo Switch with hours and hours of adventure. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is a deep revision of the original that was released not long ago and has already become a must-have thanks to its HD graphics, improved mechanics, remastered soundtrack and, of course, a new epilogue which leaves us to delve further into the adventures of Shulk and company.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle -75%

Great deals on Switch: Zelda BOTW and aut

This cool game of turn-based strategy for all audiences just announced its sequel at E3 2021, and it is a great moment for you to discover why it has conquered so many players, with a fresh and fun proposal that brings a niche genre to all types of players with great success.

Indie jewelry on sale in the Switch eShop

Among all these offers available in the Nintendo Switch eShop we can not only find great blockbusters at a reduced price, but also indie works have been reduced that find in the hybrid an ideal platform to express their original, fresh and innovative ideas. We have highlighted below some of the most recommended indie video games that you can find with a discount during these days.

Hades -30%

Hades has established itself as one of the best games in the Nintendo Switch catalog thanks, in part, to its peculiar interpretation of the roguelite that encourages short and frenzied games at the same time that he tells us a reimagined greek myth between death and death. Combined with a spectacular art section, all this makes this independent work one of those that should not be missing in any player’s library.

This War of Mine: Complete Edition -90%

Usually, war games put us in the shoes of the soldiers who fight on the front lines. It is not the case of This War of Mine: Complete Edition, an original independent video game that puts us in the shoes of the civilians who are embroiled in an armed conflict that does not go with them. Survival is only the beginning of this grim story, one in which we will have to make difficult decisions.

Spiritfarer -33%

Spiritfarer is a warm management game that combines the characteristics of this genre with other dynamics such as platforms, construction and more. We put ourselves in the shoes of a young woman who overnight becomes the one in charge of taking the souls of the dead to the hereafter and has to do it like the captain of a ship in which the spirits will have to spend their last days. Our task is that they are as comfortable as possible in the time they have before crossing the portal.

Slay the Spire -50%

Captura de Slay the Spire.

Careful with Slay the Spire because iss a roguelike highly addictive. It is a two-dimensional turn-based battle game, with cards and against dangerous monsters that inhabit a procedurally generated dungeon. If we die, we have to start from the beginning, so we better learn to manage our deck and find the form of play that best suits us; otherwise, we will see our progress reset over, and over, and over again.

Dead Cells -40%

Those looking for a roguelike of action in real time you will find in Dead Cells one of the best proposals available on Nintendo Switch. East frantic pixel art in two dimensions It challenges us to escape from a dungeon based on fighting with all kinds of creatures in scenarios where there is also room for the platform challenge. A complete title that will test our ability and reward us with moments thanks to a game feel fine and detailed.

Golf Story -50%

Golf Story Capture.

Golf games there are many, but none like Golf Story. Behind its simple but fun golf mechanics, this game hides a story in which a golfer is faced with the decision to give up everything he loves in exchange for one last chance to see his dreams come true. It has eight unique environments full of characters with whom we will have to talk to continue investigating the interesting plot that orbits around holes and clubs, all with a nice graphic finish pixel art.

Darkest Dungeon -50%

Captura de Darkest Dungeon.

Darkest Dungeon it is a game that does not forgive: his dark adventure puts us in command of a group of warriors who enter grotesque scenarios to face creatures from hell and try to get treasures. However, the raids are so dangerous that it is very likely that our characters will die during them: when that happens, we lose all their progress, abilities and levels that we have been obtaining little by little. A tough but exhilarating experience and with a great narrative component.


The creators of LIMBO they surprised again with INSIDE, a game that starts from the same perspective as the previous one, with a side camera that makes it look like a game in two dimensions, to tell us without words a brutal dystopian story starring a boy fleeing from something that we do not know. It is a unique work, with a very intelligent level design, that does not need to artificially lengthen its plot to remain forever in our memory.

There are also additional content with significant discounts

Great deals on Switch: Zelda BOTW and aut

In addition to hundreds of games we can also find multitude of additional content or DLC on offer, such as the Season Pass of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle which gives us access to Donkey Kong Adventure with a 50% discount. Or the Expansion Pass of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that gives us access to a multitude of new content with a 30% discount.

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