Far Cry 5, like other titles in the saga, has a complete and powerful map editor that allows users to create levels at will with a multitude of options. Recently, a fan of the Goldeneye 007 from Nintendo 64, has shown through his YouTube channel the complete recreation of the 18 RareWare Game Levels thanks to the map editor of Far Cry 5 in its PS4. The user himself has defined his recreation of Goldeneye 007 as a fan-remake and the video shows the general aspect of the missions of the classic N64.

The user has taken almost 3 years to complete the levels, which faithfully recreate those of the original game

The map editor of Far Cry 5, being made so that any user can handle it, it is very simple and intuitive. Through the use of different tools With which players can experiment as they please, some levels can be achieved with shocking results. In fact, the publisher of the game Ubisoft, in addition to being able to build all kinds of geometric elements and objects, it allows adding AI-controlled enemies and creating goals or objectives for the player to complete. Thanks to the editor’s options and capabilities, the user Krollywood has successfully recreated the veteran Goldeneye 007 and there are not few who have praised the good work.

As can be seen in the video shared by Krollywood, the recreation of the 18 levels that make up the campaign of Goldeneye 007 has amazing results. The user has managed to recreate with a lot detail and fidelity the stays in which the most remembered missions of the video game are developed and it has been a project that has cost him almost three years of work. Thanks to one of the multiple options offered by the Far Cry 5, Krollywood has managed to connect some levels by transitions, something that has helped make the experience immersive and the action never stops. As mentioned above, the levels contain Enemy NPCs that attack us and goals to finish them.

Goldeneye 007

Even though they exist remakes officers of the Goldeneye 007 from Nintendo 64, What GoldenEye 007 from Wii O GoldenEye: Reloaded in order to PS3 Y Xbox 360, there are those who affirm in the video comments that the work of Krollywood it is better at the recreational level and it maintains the essence better. The original title was one of the Console FPS most popular at the time and laid some of the foundations for the genre to evolve. It is also, in its own merits, one of the highest rated movie-based video games of all time.

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