God of War: Ragnarok is probably one of the most anticipated exclusive video games of PS5. The first installment of this new saga of God of War set in the mythological nrdica I went out in PS4 and it was awarded as the GOTY of the year 2018. Because it set the bar so high, the expectations for the sequel could not be higher. Since it was announced, we have hardly known more details and information about this new title, but a recent interview with the Santa Monica conceptual artist could have revealed new details of the plot and playable facet.

God of War: Ragnarok will drink from some decisions made in The Last of Us Part II

God of War of 2018 I took inspiration from the first The Last of Us, especially with regard to parent-child relationship between Joel and Ellie. The relationship between Kratos and Atreus, keeping the distances by theme of the story and setting, had certain similarities between the two protagonists of The Last of Us. It was a relationship that slowly improved as the journey progressed and the two parts of the couple began to understand each other on more personal levels.

Samuel Matthews, the conceptual artist of Santa Monica, commented in a podcast about the God of War saga that the new installment is looking closely at the second part of The Last of Us In its development. Furthermore, he also added the possibility that Atreus could become fully playable, opening the door to God of War: Ragnarok could have multiple playable characters depending on the story section. As you well know, those of you who have played The Last of Us Parte II, the game of Naughty Dog change characters depending on where the story is.

Beyond the details already commented, the artist has opened the possibility that the saga God of War Explore, in the future, other worlds beyond Norse mythology. Currently the information on God of War: Ragnarok It comes by dropper, but it is possible that on dates close to E3 2021 from Sony want to offer more details about this long-awaited second part.

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