Capcom has announced through a video on its YouTube channel that Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection will be released in PlayStation 4, Xbox One y PC via Steam coming soon; The Japanese company has not announced a specific release date beyond “Arrive soon”. The 2D action-platformer adventure was released on February 25, 2021 exclusively for Nintendo Switch through its digital store, the Nintendo eShop.

Since the signing they have published a new trailer where some of the stages, enemies and final bosses with whom Sir Arthur will have to deal in his descent to the Demon Realm to rescue the princess. The video, where several quotes from the specialized press critics of the Switch version are shown, reminds that there is a local cooperative mode, mltiples difficulty options for newbies and veterans, and numerous secrets and challenges to deal with after completing the game for the first time.

Resurrection brings back Arthur, whose last major installment in the main saga was Ultimate Ghosts ‘n Goblins in order to PSP, published in 2006. This edition has a renewed visual aspect hand drawn based on the story books and new mechanics in the form of weapons, magic and abilities.

Challenging, varied and replayable

In the version analysis for Switch, on Vandal We rate it with an outstanding, ensuring that it is the best installment of the saga: “An ode to the veteran Capcom series that embraces its classic formula to leave us with a brutally challenging, intense, highly varied, replayable adventure, very complete, with a exemplary level design and with exquisite playability. “

Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection

“It is a title that is no longer made and who understands this hobby in its purest and most honest conception “, Carlos Leiva concludes,” something that we missed a lot and that has brought us back suddenly to a time when with just two buttons, a good playable base, a great challenge and a charismatic gentleman in underpants was enough for us to be happy with a video game “.

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