Ubisoft, the French video game company that has a few very popular licenses in Spain, has announced with a video the 2021 roadmap in order to Ghost Recon Breakpoint, his third-person shooter released in late 2019.

This year his game will receive two big updates being the first the 4.0.0 to reach computers and consoles during the spring and that it will focus on improving the gaming experience with the highlight being a improvement in the artificial intelligence of our unitmates controlled by the CPU as well as a new progression system for our units that will allow us to unlock new abilities while we play as well as improvements in the customization system of this allied AI.

Later in 2021 Ghost Recon Breakpoint will also receive the update 4.1.0 to include the “biggest operations” we’ve seen in this installment so far and that will arrive from the fall for all versions of this action game.

A conservative sequel

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a conservative sequel that try to innovate about Widlands but what do not get it, with survival aspects lighter than expected and few new features that make his cooperative fun and that the content of the missions can take a back seat. You can read our analysis by clicking here.

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