The island of Tsushima awaits us to follow the adventures and crusade of Jin Sakai against the Mongol Empire, in this beautiful open world that Sucker Punch offers us. Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, the extended version of the original title, is set to debut August 20 on PS5 and PS4. It was announced earlier this July, and already occupies the first position in Amazon. In the Amazon Spain section, however, we find Assassin’s Creed Valhalla as the winner.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut conquer Amazon

Priced at € 79.99 on PS5 and € 69.99 on PS4, Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut currently stands as Amazon’s best-selling game for PS5. As the account points out @NextGenPlayerIt seems that many players are more than willing to pay the $ 69.99 that the title costs on PS5 for the United States. The question to be solved now is: What does this title include to justify the price?

The holders of the Director’s Cut can enjoy all the content of Ghost of Tsushima, as of next-gen PS5 enhancements and a new story arc set on Iki Island (something that had already been rumored). Along with this release, a free update will be offered for all users (with new options for photo mode, new accessibility options and the option to play with the hidden quiver, among other issues).

Iki Island awaits us in the Director’s Cut

It should be noted that users who already have a copy of the title can reserve the extended version for a price of 19.99 euros more for the PS4 version and 29.99 euros for the PS5 version. In addition, those who buy the Director’s Cut in their last generation version they will be able to pay 9.99 euros to upgrade to next-gen when they have PS5. On the other hand, progress can be transferred from one version to another.

Sucker Punch has indicated that they have more information to offer on this Director’s Cut, but for now, Iki Island will provide players with new characters, items, and a whole new setting to explore. We remind you to be available August 20 on both PS5 and PS4; you can find all its details in our article.

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