After the multiple rumors that pointed to the existence of an extended version of Ghost of Tsushima, today PlayStation has announced through its official blog that indeed Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut exists and will be released on PS5 and PS4 on August 20th. Have new content, specifically a new narrative arc to take place on the island Iki, neighboring Tsushima, and new features to take advantage of the hardware new generation.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut will have a price of 69,99 dlares on PS5 (we still don’t know the price in euros that it will have in Spain, but we imagine it to be the usual direct change) and 59.99 dollars on PS4. Those who already have the original game on the last generation console can reserve this new extended version by paying 19,99 dlares ms. As of its launch, that update will also be available, but for a price of $ 29.99. Those who have bought the Director’s Cut on PS4 they can upgrade to the PS5 version whenever they want, but paying 9,99 dlares. All progress can be transferred from one version to another.

Reserva de Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut en PS5.

Those people who book Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut In participating stores they will receive a mini digital soundtrack with songs from the original game and two new themes from Iki Island and a digital art book with 10 new conceptual illustrations of the new scenario.

Upgrades next-gen for PS5 only in the Director’s Cut

Sucker Punch has confirmed that this version of Ghost of Tsushimto count on next-gen enhancements on PS5, although as we read in the official article these new features will not be available to owners of the original game, but will be exclusive to Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut.

Not only are resolution options mentioned up to 4K and a framerate up to 60 images per secondbut it will also have optical feedback on the PS5 DualSense, 3D audio, improved loading times and a renewed lip sync for Japanese voices, something that the community had been complaining about in the original version of the game and that has been solved by taking advantage of the jump to the next generation.

Captura de Ghost of Tsushima en PS5.

That’s right, along with the edit Director’s Cut I will launch a new free update for all players from Ghost of Tsushima. This will include new features such as new options for photo mode, new accessibility options focused on the remapeo controls, new option to keep your sights on the enemy and the option to play with the hidden quiver. There will also be updates for Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, the free cooperative included in the game.

Iki Island, a new content starring Jin Sakai

The information about a possible new story set in another location was also true: that rumored Ghost of Ikishima has ended up being a new story arc that will be available from Act 2. In it, players will be able to visit the Iki island, neighboring Tsushima, controlling Jin Sakai to investigate the presence of Mongols in that place. There he will face traumatic memories of the past.

Sucker Punch anticipates that it still has more information about this additional narrative content, but will offer it later, when the release date of this extended edition is closer. They already anticipate, that is, that it will be a completely new story with new characters and new settingplus new armor, minigames, techniques, enemies, and even animals to pet. There will also be more exclusive trophies from the Director’s Cut.

Below you can see the first galley of images of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut and PS5.

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