Offered by TTDV.

TTDV, the Spanish video game sales portal, has announced that after the great success of reservations in the last days of the new console announced by Nintendo, Your Video Game Store offers the possibility of taking different packs to complete your experience. All Nintendo Switch OLED packs will have free shipping and will arrive the same day the console is launched: October 8th.

This console model offer a higher quality screen -OLED technology- and size -7 inches-, internal memory of 64 GB of storage, double that of the standard version, adjustable wide stand at the back, new built-in speakers with improved sound and a new base with a LAN port for connect to the Internet by cable.

PACK Nintendo Switch Oled + Videojuego

These packs include the console along with one of the video games of the moment. You can get it for 385.99.

PACK Nintendo Switch Oled + Accesorios

Do not miss the sound improvements of the new console with these packs de auriculares. For 349.99.


  • Nintendo Switch Oled + Black and White Case + Gift Grips – 359.99. Available in white.
  • Get your favorite pack and make the most of the new console and its 7-inch OLED screen, intense colors and high contrast.

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