If this weekend was the most post-apocalyptic, now you have more reason to think like this: Metro 2033 is available for free on PC through Steam, allowing Spanish players and players around the world to enjoy the chilling adventures of this Russia devastated by nuclear war and an eternal winter. The offer will be available until this next Monday, March 15, and also includes large discounts on other titles in the saga such as Metro 2033 Redux, Metro Last Light Redux Y Metro Exodus.

Metro: A narrative revolution in shooting games

Based on the novel Dmitri Glukhovsky, the saga Metro is developed by the development team 4A Games Studio. This proposal dragged players through grim scenarios where a group of survivors try to stand up to the nightmare-worthy creatures that swarm in this chaotic world. Our protagonist is Artyom, a young soldier who, like the rest of the population inhabits the subway tunnels in a post-apocalyptic Moscow. While its fluid and fun gameplay greatly liked fans of the genre, the powerful narrative of this saga is what ended up dazzling the community.

We detail them below the offers that you can find right now on Steam, which will be available until March 15. So, if your idea was to stay home this weekend, you already have one more incentive to have fun without having to go out and immerse yourself in these subway tunnels:

  • Metro 2033 – Free
  • Metro 2033 Redux – 3.99 (regular price 19.99)
  • Metro Last Light Redux – 3.99 (regular price 19.99)
  • Metro Exodus – 13.59 (regular price 39.99)

The Steam offers of the Metro saga will be available until March 15

In 2013 the world was devastated by an apocalyptic event, annihilating almost all of humanity and turning the surface of the Earth into toxic terrain “, we read in the synopsis of Metro 2033. A handful of survivors took refuge in the depths of the Moscow metro, where human civilization entered a new Dark Age“.

Metro Exodus, the most recent installment, invited players to leave the subway and head with a squad into the steppe of post-apocalyptic Russia. This time betting on the open world, players climb aboard the Aurora to try to start a new life. “4A Games creates his most comprehensive and ambitious work to date, repeating failures of previous deliveries but with more content and better story than ever“, we write in our analysis.

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