Chinese developer miHoYo is reportedly working with Sony to add cross saved between all platforms a Genshin Impact next July 21, when version 2.0 (update 1.7) arrives. Until now, gamers on PC, PlayStation 5, PS4, and Android and iOS mobile devices could play together thanks to crossover play, but the cross-save it only works between computers and mobiles, and between PlayStation consoles.

As advised Genshin Report, a Twitter account that usually advances the contents that are about to reach the gachapon and the news of the next updates before they are announced in the live events that miHoYo usually does, the cross save between mobile, PC and PlayStation is introduce in version 2.0. It will also allow HoyoLAB to be available on consoles. The cross-save be present in the versin de Nintendo Switch when it launches presumably in 2021.

miHoYo make a live broadcast about an hour on Friday July 9 at 2:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time, as announced by the company, which has confirmed the presence of one of the founders of the study, Dawei. Ah unveil, according to leaker ‘Sakuna’, the actualizacin 2.0 give it 1.7 from Genshin Impact, with details of the Inazuma region, archon missions, and early events, as well as the date of the banners by Kamisato Ayaka and Yoimiya and Sayu, among other novelties. It can be followed on the official Twitch.

At the beginning of last month, Twitter user “abc64” announced that miHoYo was working “very possibly” on cross-saving, but added that there would be some limitations, “such as not have access or have it limited to PlayStation exclusive items when playing on another platform. “

Gachapn version 1.6 (2) ends July 20

At this time the players of Genshin Impact can enjoy the events and rewards of the second part of update 1.6, including the gachapn by Kazuha. Remember that you have until July 13 to win free protogems with the Travel Illustrations web event.

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