The developer miHoYo has announced, as the rumors claimed, the arrival of the give it 2.0, The unchanging goddess and the eternal utopia, from Genshin Impact next July 21. It will be a large content expansion that adds a region with a new city (Inazuma), an untold story, three characters, playable enhancements and cross saved between all platforms: PS5, PS4, PC and Android and iPhone mobiles. You can watch the announcement trailer below.

Inazuma is a region surrounded by the sea that is known as the nation of eternity. The Shogun Raiden who rules the city wants to achieve immortality, a theme that will be recurring throughout the new plot. At the time of launch there will be three of the six islands that make up this new area. In addition to new enemies and animal species, missions, and other content, players will encounter a variable climate and unstable even with lightning.

“An alien storm divides the sky, breaking eternity. The flash of lightning breaks through the darkness, while the will of a divine being becomes manifest”, says the official synopsis. “Overcome the perpetual storms, enter the island of cherry blossoms and witness the eternity to which His Excellency aspires.”

Genshin Impact Inazuma

An important change that has been made to this area with respect to the previous two has to do with the puzzles. The Inazuma Puzzles Now they do not require there to be a specific character in the team to solve them, but to think and use the elements of the scene with head; on the other hand, players can collect seeds to plant in your kingdom.

As for the new characters, there are three:

  • Kamisayo Ayaka, 5 stars, ice powers (Glacial Devastation)
  • Yoimiya, 5 stars, fire powers (Flammable Technique)
  • Sayu, 4 stars, ninja powers (Clone Technique)
Genshin Impact Kamisayo Ayaka

Ayaka and Yoimiya will make their debut in the next Archon Mission.

PS5 improvements and cross save

The cross saved O cross-save comes to Genshin Impact in order to all platforms. Until now, PC and mobile gamers could play on one of those devices and continue the game on the other. However, PlayStation players had the account uniquely linked to their PlayStation ID. As of July 21 this will change, and you can play, for example, on your Android mobile and then see all the progress on your PlayStation 4.

Genshin Impact version 2.0 new enemies

The new update, in addition to new trophies on Sony consoles, adds improvements to the let the PS5. On the one hand, graphics, especially focused on the quality of lighting and shadows. On the other hand, in the use of the hepatic response of the DualSense remote control, as the use of the bow and paraglider texture running through the trees and doing certain actions.

You can see new images from The unchanging goddess and the eternal utopia below.

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