Genshin Impact every day it is closer to releasing its version 1.6 than to carry by title Summer, islands and adventures. The main theme of this patch will be, of course, that of the summer season. As we have seen before with the announcement of this patch the game is going to receive warm news and recently miHoYo has shared a more detailed preview about some of the new features. Next we review the most relevant that has been released.

New region and changing rooms in version 1.6

One of the main attractions of Genshin Impact version 1.6 is that include as an exclusive novelty a region special on the map that we can visit. It’s about a Archipelago of islands created and designed for the occasion that is quite a surprise. In this great area we will have access to a whole series of maritime activities along with the inclusion of ships known as Waverider. These vehicles even have an integrated cannon system so that we can fight in them.

New regi

The vast majority of events and activities will take place in the Archipelago in version 1.6, so the game will also feature new changing rooms for your characters that have been designed for the summer theme. Also in this area we will also have new resources and fights against special bosses. That is, from what is known, it seems that the Archipelago only be available throughout version 1.6, that is to say to be a temporary zone to explore in this next update.

New weapons in version 1.6

Genshin Impact receive the next new weapons let’s give 1.6:

Oath of liberty

Oath of liberty

  • Rarity level: 5 stars.
  • Description: A sky blue sword reminiscent of a song from ancient times. It is as blunt as the Wind Realm’s oath for freedom.

Tales of Dodoco

Tales of Dodoco

  • Rarity level: 4 stars.
  • Description: A children’s book with a beautiful cover. All its content are short children’s stories that will make any reader laugh.

Night Waltz

Night Waltz

  • Rarity level: 4 stars.
  • Description: An arch painted the color of the sins and fantasies of the night.

Other important new features in version 1.6

In addition to what has been seen so far, on the preview website we also have a small section dedicated to other news of version 1.6. In this case we find the following details that are worth highlighting:

  • Legend of the wandering sword: the gates to a new domain with powerful enemies never seen before.
  • Echo narrator: If we collect all the resounding shells scattered around the islands we can get Barbara’s costume “Radiant Summer” and other rewards.
  • Eternal strife: monsters of unknown origin have appeared in the archipelago and are trying to occupy this marine paradise.
  • Bomb goes !: ingenious dodoforts ball machines are active throughout the archipelago.
  • Oni Espadachin: It is about a humanoid from an unknown nation who wields a mysterious sword that only a humanoid could handle.

It is worth mentioning that version 1.6 also introduce a new character, Kazuha (the first from the Inazuma region). Also arrive with the patch a improvement in the relaxant system, than to allow visits to the inner world with companions. You have more details about this in this other news. With the release on June 9, 2021 of v1.6 Genshin Impact will also be officially released on the Epic Games Store de PC.

We remind you that you can visit our complete guide to know the best tips and tricks of the miHoYo game. Genshin Impact it is a JRPG and Role free to play available in PC, PS4, PS5, y mviles Android e iOS (coming soon to Switch). If you want to know more about him, do not hesitate to read our analysis.

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