The world of video games can also be a very sad and dark place. miHoYo, the Chinese development studio creator of Genshin Impact and of Honkai Impact 3rd, has been threatened this weekend. A player breaks into their offices with the intention of stabbing the workers, and commit suicide later. Luckily, he was stopped before anyone was hurt. The reason? The fact that the event “Bunny Girl” on the occasion of the third anniversary of Honkai Impact 3rd has not been available in China, but at international level.

Honkai Impact 3rd: Bunny Girl and the controversy with the Chinese players

On March 28, the study miHoYo published a special video with various characters from Honkai Impact 3rd dancing in bunny costumes: Kiana, Himeko, Fu Hua, Kallen, Yae Sakura, Mei, Seele, Rita y Durandal. A themed skin for Yae Sakura was also featured, and various illustrations were distributed for the event at Pixiv. The video even featured a special song that had been made for the anniversary, Brilliant Bright, a song that came in collaboration with the Japanese band Myth & Roid (who has worked on the themes of various anime).

At first glance you can see that miHoYo had put a lot of effort into making this event special. But the controversy was not long in blowing up: The violent reaction that provoked this event came mainly from the Chinese players of Honkai. This caused myHoYo to end up deleting the video (which was later re-uploaded on another YouTube channel) and the anniversary event on the game’s global servers was canceled. Yae Sakura’s skin will also undergo changes.

Why were the players angry?

According to some users, the female characters of Honkai are acting in a way that goes against your personality and design. However, the general malaise is explained by the following: Chinese players were angry that the Bunny Girl event was available internationally, but not in China. The reason? The Chinese authorities seem to have considered this content too “risque” to approve its implementation in the national version of the game, as they point out from ResetEra echoing two newspapers in the country.

As Reddit user Amped-Up-Archos pointed out: A portion of Chinese gamers from Honkai angry because they weren’t going to receive this same event in their version of the game. “The main reason Chinese fans are angry right now is that Bunny Girl event does not reach Chinese version“We can read in the tweet that we leave you under these lines.” Some also claim that The video had the girls acting out of their personality“.

“It’s stupid and sad”

Due to this controversy, on April 22 miHoYo will issue an apology to Chinese and global players. As they point from DualShockers, the situation has ended up being somewhat unfair for international players: after all, Chinese players from Honkai they enjoy their own events that do not end up being launched globally. The compensation with both players for the elimination of the Bunny Girl event has also been disproportionate, favoring Chinese players.

While the Chinese server will give all players the equivalent of 2800 Crystals / 10 rolls; Global server players will only get 500 crystals. In the issued apology, the creators state that “The bunny girl’s designs and dancing were out of place and inappropriate”. However, taking into account the type of “inappropriate” content that can be found in Honkai, it does not seem that this is the real reason for canceling the event: the reason is, rather, the toxicity of Chinese players.

A toxicity that almost ends in crime

This brings us to the event that took place at the miHoYo offices regarding this event and its controversy. As the Ceerious account echoes in ResetEra: the suspect planned to stab two founders of myHoYo and then commit suicide. “I entered the company compound with a knife, but was arrested. Fortunately, no one was injured during this accident“.

“It’s stupid and sad”, continues. “Recently miHoYo presented a series of skins with the theme Bunny Girl for Honkai Impact. Yes, it was something very boring and loaded with fanservice. But it was released only on international servers, because the Chinese authorities considered it too excessive, so the China server didn’t have it yet. ”

He planned to kill two founders of the company and then commit suicide

“So we have this sad man, who can’t bear to have his little girl dress up as Bunnygirl just for foreigners to see. He felt humiliated. He felt betrayed. It’s a horrible mix of mad gamer, mental disorder and chinese fever nationalism“, he concludes.

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