The version for devices mviles Android and iOS Genshin Impact has generated income of $ 874 million (more than 732 million euros at the current exchange rate) in the five months that have passed since its launch at the end of September, thus exceeding revenues in that period of Pokmon GO Y Roblox, according to data from SensorTower.

The data take into account the global spending on the iPhone and iPad App Store and the Google Play Store of Android devices. The figure places it behind the successes of the Chinese company Tencent Honor of Kings (in Spain, Arena of Valor) Y PUBG Mobile, both exceeding $ 1 billion in revenue.

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China is the country that spends the most in microtransactions of Genshin Impact with more than $ 253 million, a 29% of the total approximately. Behind are Japan, with $ 237 million (27%) and U.S with $ 162 million (18.5%). Outside of China the game has raised $ 620 million on mobile platforms.

IPhone players spend more than Android players

The players of iOS are the ones who spend the most on the video game, since approximately 521 million of dollars (about 60%) come from the Apple App Store and $ 352 million (approximately 40%) have been spent on the Play Store of Google. Taking into account the income, Genshin Impact It is the most successful mobile RPG in the world.

These figures do not take into account spending on microtransactions of the PC and PlayStation 4 versions. miHoYo claimed that the title cost approximately $ 100 million to develop and predicted that maintaining the title Genshin Impact with new content cost $ 200 million annually.

Genshin Impact will launch in prximamente para Nintendo Switch, year in which it is also optimize for PlayStation 5. In our analysis we scored it a remarkable, and furthermore, in our cave We keep up to date all the tips to get hold of the new content that comes to this successful RPG.

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