In October of last year, shortly after its launch on other platforms, Genshin Impact confirmed your arrival at PS5, although at that time it was not said exactly when it would arrive. Now, a few months after that announcement, from miHoYo, responsible for the popular free-to-play, have released a preview of this version to specify that getting to Sony’s next generation platform throughout this spring.

Although we still do not know the exact release date of Genshin Impact on PS5, we do know that this version next-gen will have graphical and performance improvements, aspects that will make it work at 60 fps, for example, and with resolucin hasta 4K. Textures will be improved in every part of the game, have faster loading times and certain additional changes that will take advantage of the new PlayStation technology. Under these lines you can see the aforementioned PS5 versin advance of Genshin Impact.

“PS5 is an ideal platform for Genshin Impact

Forrest Liu, president of miHoYo, wanted to celebrate this announcement by dedicating a few words to the console next-gen from Sony: “PS5 is an ideal platform to enhance the vast open world it presents Genshin Impact, allowing the team to bring more concepts and ideas to the game, both now and in the future. That is why we have been working to bring the native PS5 version of the game to our players as soon as possible, “he said in a press release.

Actually Genshin Impact is available for free on PS4, PC, iOS and Android, and in addition to the PS5 version, it also has one announced for Nintendo Switch for which a launch window has not yet been revealed. Recently the free-to-play from miHoYo has received your update 1.4 with new characters, weapons, encounters and much more news.

Captura de Genshin Impact.

In Vandal we could try Genshin Impact of launch and in our analysis we said of him that “Genshin Impact knows how to break with almost all these reluctances thanks to an imposing visual section, a gameplay that hooks -and impeccably executed-, some characters with whom it is easy to get attached and some microtransactions that are they can completely ignore it. ” If you are immersed in the exploration of this vast fantastic world, we recommend you take a look at our guide to Genshin Impact with tips, secrets and tricks.

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