This past weekend Genshin Impact launched a new web event titled Travel Illustrations, in which fans and players of the miHoYo title can participate to complete various special missions and get free rewards on their accounts, such as free Protogemas. Next we tell you what they are the dates of the event, its details, requirements and how to enjoy of Travel Illustrations.

Web event Travel illustrations: date, hours and requirements to participate

The first thing you have to know if you are interested in participating in this new Genshin Impact web event is the chosen times and dates for the same. Travel illustrations will last a few days:

  • The event is available from: on Friday, July 3, 2021 at 11:00.
  • The event ends: Tuesday, July 13, 2021 at 03:59:59 (server time).

Keep in mind that as a requirement to participate in this event you must have reached Adventure Rank 21 or higher in your in-game account.

Players can access this web event from the game itself, through the Paimon menu. On PC it is done by pressing the Esc key, on mobiles by clicking on the Paimon icon in the upper left corner and on PlayStation consoles by pressing the Options button on the controller.

Event Features Travel Illustrations and Rewards

The memories of your crossing are your most valuable treasure. You can only keep them if you remember them. Complete the notebook illustration to get Protogems, Decoration Blueprints, and other rewards!

In the new Travel Illustrations event the main objective is complete illustrations from a notebook. For this, users will use Watercolors and each illustration will complete a random part of the large notebook illustration.

  • During the first 7 days of the event, a new mission daily at 4:00.
  • The unlock time corresponds to the time of the server time zone in which you play. America (UTC -5), Europe (UTC +1), Asia (UTC +8) and TW, HK, MO (UTC +8).
  • Completing the indicated missions will be able to obtain “Watercolors”.

When completing illustrations you will get random rewards such as Blackberry, Adventurer’s Experience or fine refined minerals. Also, when completing the designated party From the illustration notebook, you can earn rewards such as Minerals of Mystical Refinement, Hero’s Ingenuity, Protogems, or the “The Airborne Dreams of the Floti Flotis” decoration blueprint.

Finally, if you achieve complete the notebook illustration completely win the special decoration plan “Flower Crib”.

We remind you that you can visit our complete gua to know the best tips and tricks of the miHoYo game. Genshin Impact It is a JRPG and Role free to play available in PC, PS4, PS5, y mviles Android e iOS (coming soon to Switch). If you want to know more about him, do not hesitate to read our analysis.

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