The Coalition is preparing the jump of the saga Gears of War face to Xbox Series X/S. Although in Spain and around the world we were able to enjoy the launch of Gears 5 on the new consoles of Microsoft, the studio is already cooking a next installment created properly for these platforms next-gen. To do this, they have started with the first round of recruitment of personal. The objective? Create one “Next Generation Gears Experience”. The details at the moment are scarce, but we tell you everything that is known to date.

The saga Gears prepares to delve into Xbox Series X / S

The development studio The Coalition they are responsible for the saga Gears of War, and now it seems they are focusing their efforts on put a twist on this bet for action. The Vancouver-based offices are beginning to hire employees for multiple positions in different disciplines through their official website. The goal of these first steps is to “create awesome games of Gears of War.

There are several jobs that appear in the offers of The Coalition: we found the position of Lead Artist, Lead Film Animator, or Senior Gameplay Technical Designer, which according to the study seeks take the Gears saga “to new heights”. In turn, there is also a vacancy for the position of UI Software Engineer, with which the development team intends to “shape the future of intellectual property and exceed the limits of the platforms and Microsoft entertainment devices “.

The Coalition wants to “redefine” the Gears experience

On the other hand, the position for a service software engineer states that the company intends to “redefine the Gears experience through the application of modern technologies related to cloud services. “It will probably be some time before we can learn more about this project.

The future of the Gears saga

The Coalition has previously suggested that they intend to continue incorporating some of the new features they introduced in Gears 5: the open world, player decisions, or a branch for the story are some of the elements that aim to be maintained. This recent installment, on the other hand, enjoyed various graphical and technical improvements thanks to its arrival on Xbox Series X.

“We’re trying to get away from the trilogy mentality. The word I like now is ‘saga'”, said Red Ferguson, who in early 2020 was leaving the studio to join Blizzard. “For us this is about where history can take us and what stories can we tell. This is just the continuation of the saga “, he valued when talking about the evolution that the Gears saga enjoy.

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