YoYo Games has announced a new free version of GameMaker Studio 2, its popular game creation tool, that allow you to use the program as much as you want and without the 30-day limit that was present until now in the trial version. It is a strategy that equates this multiplatform engine to others much more popular and allows us to design our games or learn how it works. There will be some limitations: “Only if the creators wish to export the project to one of the many platforms supported by GameMaker – mobile, console, PC – will it be necessary to purchase the license,” it says in the statement.

These limitations also affect the high-performance Yo-Yo Compiler, you cannot sell content in the GameMaker store -although we do get demos, tutorials and material created by other people-, but it is enough to encourage more developers to use tools mainly oriented for 2D games and people with no programming experience. Some of the best known titles developed with GameMaker in recent years they are Hyper Light Drifter, Hotline Miami, Downwell, Gods Will Be Watching, Nuclear Throne, Nidhogg O Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2.

Apart from the free versions, GameMaker Studio 2 offers three types of licenses: game creator for Windows and Mac (39 dollars a year), developer for mobile games, PC and HTML (99 dollars a year) and license for consoles for 799 dollars. dollars each – Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch – with the option of a $ 1,500 Ultimate edition for all of them. It is currently on sale.

They were acquired by Opera

GameMaker is an engine created in 1999 that allows you to use a visual programming language that is very popular among independent studios. In January of this year Opera acquired YoYo Games for $ 10 million. “Our vision has always been to try to make it as easy as possible for anyone to create their own games,” said Stuart Poole with the announcement of the acquisition. “By making GameMaker free for all we believe that creating games will soon be a regular part of many people’s lives,” commented Krystian Kolondra from Opera, who equates it with democratizing video thanks to YouTube or Vimeo and blogging with WordPress. .

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