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Life is Strange: True Colors launches on September 10 and to celebrate GAME Spain has announced a gift with the reserves of the next adventure in this popular saga: an exclusive metal box. Alex Chen has always concealed his curse – a supernatural ability to sense, absorb, and manipulate the intense feelings of others, which he perceives as colored auras. Discover its history in this pica adventure! If you book now Life is Strange: True Colors you can get a metal box with a spectacular design.

  • Reserva de Life is Strange: True Colors en GAME Espaa
  • Alex Chen always thought that the skill he was keeping hidden was a curse. With the supernatural power of empathy she can detect and manipulate the feelings of those around her. However, after the supposedly accidental death of his brother, this power may be the only thing with which he can discover the truth about what really happened. A truth that hurt Chen.

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    The game allows us to move freely through the streets, shops and corners of the beautiful little town of Haven Springs, Colorado. We will meet unforgettable characters, we will earn their trust and we will discover what they are hiding. Yes, Alex’s unique ability allows him to feel, absorb and manipulate feelings, which he perceives as colored auras; do not make decisions lightly; you have the power to change lives.

    The new episode of a very popular saga

    Life Is Strange: True Colors is an emotional adventure guided by narrative where a singular power is the key to solving a gripping mystery. It is developed by Deck Nine, creators of Life is Strange: Before the Storm, and belongs to the popular saga started by Dontnod Entertainment. “There are no easy decisions and the consequences will reverberate throughout the game,” says the study on the challenges we are going to face.

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