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Chain stores GAME wanted to join the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the platform Nintendo 3DS. The porttil of Nintendo a March 25, 2011, and from the GAME establishments they have wanted to present what have been top 30 best-selling games from the console. Also, remember that you can find games for Nintendo 3DS here, and pre-owned consoles at this link.

10 years of Nintendo 3DS; their 30 best-selling games

Nintendo 3DS stands as one of the most successful laptops of all time, and taking advantage of the fact that this year 2021 the machine has completed its first decade since it was launched on the market, from GAME we have compiled a list with The 30 best-selling Nintendo 3DS video games, do not miss it! “, writes the chain of stores in its press release.

The list is crowned by Pokémon games: Pokmon Sol / Pokmon Luna; Pokmon X / Pokmon Y; Y Pokmon Rub Omega / Pokmon Zafiro Alfa are the titles that are in first, second and third position, respectively. Follow them below Inazuma Eleven Go Shadow, Y Animal Crossing: New Leaf With Mario Kart 7. You can consult the complete list of the 30 best-selling games on the platform’s GAME below:

Pokémon games top Nintendo 3DS best-seller list

Nintendo 3DS managed to sell 77.49 million consoles worldwide, after the Japanese firm had invested great time and effort in designing this system. If you want to know a little more about his history, we invite you to take a look at the article we wrote last month on the occasion of his tenth birthday.

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