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Chain stores GAME has announced the gifts that players who make the reservation of Spirit: Untamed. The game, developed by the Spanish studio Aheartful of Games and based on the property of Dreamworks, debut on 11th of June on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. PlayStation and hybrid platform players who pre-order la give fsica of the game in GAME will receive a gift a Playmobil figure with a set of gift accessories. You can make the reservation both in physical establishments and through their official website. Its price is 39,95 on both consoles.

Spirit: Untamed – Reserve in GAME

Spirit Untamed and its reservation in GAME

Ride with Fortu on a new adventure with his horse Spirit and her best friends Abigal and Pru to find the real treasure of Miradero “, is the synopsis that we can read on the page of Spirit: Untamed in GAME. “Explore a frontier packed with exciting adventures, collectibles, and memorable characters (even the evil cowboy Hendricks) “.

In this sense, we will have to face all kinds of dangers while we do what Spirit gets stronger and stronger thanks to our care. “You will become a real cowgirl. Will you be able to find and protect the authentic treasure of Miradero? “, They continue indicating from GAME. With the clothes and objects that we find, we will be able to customize Fortu’s look, and the missions will lead us to carry out activities such as rescue animals, help townspeople and take photos.

Spirit's Reserve: Untamed in GAME

We remind you that Spirit: Untamed be available next June 11 on both PC and PS4 and Nintendo Switch, whose physical versions can be reserved in GAME. The game is developed by the Spanish studio Aheartful of Games and produced by Outright Games, based on the upcoming film Spirit: Indomable that can be enjoyed this summer in cinemas in Spain. To discover more details of the project, we invite you to visit the official website of the chain of stores.

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