The jungle of crystal, Maximum risk, RoboCop and the cinema of Paul Verhoeven. Those are some of the references they cite from nDreams to promote their new VR game exclusive to PlayStation VR, Fracked, what to get this summer to PS4 with improvements for PlayStation 5. You can see the teaser thriller below.

nDreams, the creators of another shooter popular in virtual reality, Phantom: Covert Ops, they emphasize that what differentiates their new title from the rest is movement and integration of PlayStation Move controllers, essential to play the adventure. Players will have to crouch down and cling to surroundings, lean and scroll to skiing through a snowy world, and perform the necessary gestures to climb stairs and use zip lines.

They bet on frenzied battles that will take place in arenas, that is, in the course of the adventure the player will reach different locations full of enemies that promise to be very vertical and be full of places to hide. The weapons, by the way, will be recharged by making the necessary gestures with the Move; just pressing a button is not enough.

Fracked release date

“An innovative stretch to the style RoboCop

The story will unfold without removing control from the player, since there will be no cinematic scenes or sections on rails. That plot, by the way, leads the protagonist to “an installation of fracking en la montaa “ that has been taken “by an army of maniacal interdimensional gunmen” known as the Fracked, they explain from PlayStation Blog.

“Although we have opted for a game that is a new and distinguished version of a classic action movien (something like a 2021 version of The jungle of crystal The Maximum risk) “, says creative director Steve Watt,” below the surface you will find a innovadora iron to style RoboCop about greed of companies and the emergency posed by climate change “.

Fracked ps5 upgrades

During the next few weeks they will show more details of the title, such as the mechanics of skiing through snowy environments. Fracked Launching Summer 2021 for PS4, but those who play in PS5 they will find “improvements in frame rates, load times and resolution”.

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