The physics engine from Forza Motorsport 8 will suppose a “huge generational leap”, specifically, the equivalent of the change in physics between Forza Motosport 4 and the Forza Motorsport 7 launched in 2017. At least, that’s how it points Chris Esaki, Creative Director of the title developed by Turn 10 Studios, who in the Forza Monthly issued on May 27 gave information regarding the upcoming title tests and clarify that the game will be called Forza Motorsport to dry.

“To put physics work in perspective … the changes we have made since Forza Motorsport 7 so far it is more [grande] that the changes we made of [Forza Motorsport] 4 to [Forza Motorsport] 7“Esaki said according to statements collected by Techradar. “It’s basically a huge generational leap into the game.”

The creative has exemplified playable changes which the new physics engine will suppose with two examples: the wheels and the curbs. On the latter, he explains that there have been “subtle but perceptible changes.” “In the past, our curbs were often considered somewhat crude or puzzling, and I think that has radically changed“. Esaki continues:” You can approach with confidence and i think the playtest [con la comunidad] has confirmed it. As simple as it is, the curbs are the night and the day with respect to what they were in the past”.

Forza Motorsport 8 Test

Regarding the neumticos, which they already talked about in December 2019, says that it has been changed how they interact with the road so that the car is handles better and is perceived more realistically the track surface. In previous games in the series, the system identified a contact point for each tire. This point was updated at 60 cycles per second. Now each tire has eight contact points and the physics engine of the same upgrade to 360 cycles per second.

In the new delivery you can choose the tire compounds between soft, medium and hard, which generate “new and exciting decisions of gameplay during the race “, in the words of Esaki. Especially if the new weather systems are taken into account:” We are working on aspects such as track temperature and how it affects to aspects such as grip, tire pressure and tire wear. “

New Forza Motorsport

“Also, can you imagine how the changes in time of day and weatheralong with new tire wear modeling and all new compounds lead to a much deeper driving and racing experience “promises the developer, who has also noted: “I just wanted to reaffirm that the name of the game is Forza Motorsport. There is no sequential eight after the title. It really is an experience Forza Motorsport brand new “.

There will be a new test in summer

Esaki has confirmed that there will be a new test with the community between june and septemberbut it has not clarified if the invites will be sent to more players than the test that took place in late April or early May. From that session, where online multiplayer could be tested, says they got “a ton of great feedback” and that all the players are “very excited and full of energy” from what they tested. You can sign up for the test at this link.

Forza Motorsport Xbox Series X

Forza Motorsport is in development for Xbox Series X / S and computers with Windows 10. The title does not have a release date and some rumors suggest that a Forza Horizon 5 It has not been officially announced that this simulator. Microsoft perform a conference at E3 2021 to showcase Xbox and Bethesda news, but they have not confirmed whether to be the car game in the appointment.

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