Forza Horizon 5 be a game intergenerational, but from the videos we have seen and the technological improvements from which Playground Games speak, it seems that the Xbox Series X / S and PC versions have not stepped on the brake because they also have to reach Xbox One. respect that we have known comes to us from Fraser Strachan, Lead Sound Designer at Playground Games, who has ensured that the ray tracing or ray tracing will also be used for the audio with the aim of increasing the immersion.

The developer of the open world driving arcade has published the third episode of Let’s Go!, the videos in which they offer news about their new game every two weeks. It is in this space where Strachan and creative director Mike Brown have explained how to use ray tracing technology in sound.

The system constantly detects objects in the world around the player, and sends the player the sound after it has bounced off the various surfacesso that the sound coming from the headphones and / or the television is heard at the appropriate distance and with optimal sharpness. In short, this technology does the same thing that visual ray tracing does with lighting and reflections.

In addition, the developers ensure that the sound bounce in a very different way in cities, in asphalt spaces or in the middle of the jungle, both because of the amount of items that surround the player in each of those spaces and because of the solidity of those objects. They also highlight how does the game sound now when entering a tunnel. Of course, they do not clarify if this technology will be available only on Xbox Series X / S and computers, or also on Xbox One.

Coming November 9 to PC, Xbox Series and Xbox One

Regarding visual ray tracing, they already announced in June that it will be available on the latest Microsoft consoles and on PC in Forzavista mode, but not in races. The title will have quality and performance modes (60 fps) on Xbox Series X / S, as well as requirements for the computer version not very different from those of Forza Horizon 4.

Forza Horizon 5 be available in physical and digital stores in Spain and the rest of the world on November 9 for PC, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. From launch day it will be included in Xbox Game Pass.

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