Forza Horizon 5, the new installment of the driving series of Playground Games, It was presented at the Xbox and Bethesda conference at E3 2021 -whose summary in Spanish you can read here-, where rumors were confirmed that this new title will be set in the beautiful Mexican landscapes. The studio in charge of its development has traveled to the American country not only to take orographic references, but also to compile images that they have later used in the final game to recreate aspects such as the Darling.

Playground Games has published a new development diary in which they explain how they have recreated aspects such as the sky or the weather of Mexico. Specifically, about the sky they explain that they came to the country to take photographs with the same capture system that they used in Forza Horizon 3 Y Forza Horizon 4, with the difference that now they have taken many more images: more than 400 hours of the sky have been captured Mexican with photographs taken every 30 seconds and then reconverted into 12K images. Those in charge of this mission had to return to their office in the UK because all the files weighed 75 TB and they were unable to upload them to their servers remotely.

Regional weather, new weather events and more

Another aspect significantly bigger than in the previous installment is the weather, which now has more than 2000 presets instead of the 300 it had Forza Horizon 4; This ensures much greater variety when a player chooses a certain type of weather for a custom race, he explains. Lukas Koelz, head of the lighting artistic direction of the project.

On the other hand, Forza Horizon 5 It will also bring a climatic novelty: the regional climate. Don Arceta, art director of the game, explains that the time will vary depending on the area in which we compete. There will be various biomes which, in addition, will be combined with the different weather stations that were already present in the previous installment of the saga. In addition, two new weather events have been implemented: the sandstorm and the tropical storm. The arrival of both can be seen from afar, according to Arceta, something never seen in the series.

Forza Horizon 5 be available on November 9 en Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One y PC.

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