With Season 7: Invasion of Fortnite Battle Royale already underway, we will have to face the impressive mothership, a lot of UFOs and the fearsome OI.

Today we have to talk about the new weekly challenges that will arrive tomorrow. Thanks to the information from dataminers What iFireMonkey, as usual we bring you a preview of the Leaked Challenges from Week 6, what will be Available tomorrow Wednesday 14 (legendary missions) and Thursday 15 (pike missions) at 16:00 (Spanish peninsular time), except change in the usual hours.

These are all the Spades and Legendary missions from Week 6 and the XP rewards you will get for completing them:

Legendary missions of Week 6

Fortnite - Legendary Missions: Cowboy

Have 6 legendary missions with a total value of 180,000 Season PE):

  • Receive orders from Slone via public phone (0/1): 15,000 Season PE.
  • Place Prep Supplies on Patn’s Farm (0/1): 45,000 Season PE.
  • Deal damage to opponents on farms (0/25): 30,000 Season PE.
  • Use the Vaquizer (0/1): 30,000 Season PE.
  • Place decoy cows on farms (0/3): 30,000 Season PE.
  • Deal damage to a saucer piloted by aliens (0/25): 30,000 Season PE.

Spades of Week 6

Fortnite - Missions

Have 7 pike missions with a total value of 210,000 Season PE).

  • Rene bars (0/500): 30,000 Season PE.
  • Spend bars (0/500): 30,000 Season PE.
  • Destroy equipment on abductor cymbals (0/3): 30,000 Season PE.
  • Open chests or ammo boxes in low gravity zones (0/3): 30,000 Season PE.
  • Deploy a Cube of Alien Nanomines at any location except Sacred Hotbed (0/3): 30,000 Season PE.
  • Destroy alien trees (0/5): 30,000 Season PE.
  • Plant trees in Colina Corta, Camioneta del Do Covered or Radio FN (0/3): 30,000 Season PE.

As you can see, we have another week that requires us to play for a couple of hours to complete everything. Remember that these are not the only challenges or missions that we will have available. So that you can fully complete the challenges of the Season, we bring you complete guides to not leave anything undone:

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