With Season 6: Instincts of Fortnite Battle Royale already underway, it’s time to talk about the new weekly challenges that will arrive tomorrow. Thanks to the information from dataminers What iFireMonkey, as usual we bring you a preview of the Leaked Challenges from Week 11, which will be available from tomorrow, Thursday, May 27, at 4:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time), except for changes in the regular schedule for the publication of challenges.

These are the spades and legendary missions from Week 11 and the XP rewards you will get for completing them:

Spades of Week 11

The pike missions from Week 11 are as follows. These missions will be available throughout the Season, you can complete them at any time.

  • Keep your shield at maximum for 1 minute (0/1): 24,000 Season PE.
  • Use bandages (0/3): 24,000 Season PE.
  • Play different game modes (0/3): 24,000 Season PE.
  • Spend Gold Bars with Kill Shot (0/1): 24,000 Season PE.
  • Eliminate an opponent more than 25 meters away (0/1): 24,000 Season PE.
  • Place a spirit crystal on the highest mountain (0/1): 24,000 Season PE.
  • Visit the ruins of SPECTRUM and SHADOW (0/3): 24,000 Season PE.

Legendary missions of Week 11

The legendary missions Week 11 are as follows. Remember that these missions will only be available this week, they will expire when Week 12 arrives.

  • Deal Damage with Dual Pistols (0 / 1,500): 35,000 Season PE.
  • Deal Damage with Dual Pistols (0 / 3,000): 24,500 Season PE.
  • Deal Damage with Dual Pistols (0 / 4,500): 24,500 Season PE.
  • Deal Damage with Dual Pistols (0 / 6,000): 24,500 Season PE.
  • Deal Damage with Dual Pistols (0 / 7,500): 24,500 Season PE.

As you can see, we have another week that requires us to play for a couple of hours to complete everything. Remember that these are not the only challenges or missions that we will have available. So that you can complete to the maximum the challenges of the Season, we bring you complete guides to not leave anything undone:

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