Fortnite Battle Royale already has a date for Season 6. With the official confirmation that the next March 16 the new content begins to arrive, information about the final event of Season 5, which will be something never seen in the free-to-play by Epic Games. Its about end of the Zero Point Crisis and this is all we know about it.

When does the final event of Season 5 take place?

On this occasion, the event that connect Seasons 5 and 6 can be enjoyed from March 16, when Season 6 begins. According to official information shared by Epic Games, not be necessary to be on a specific day and time to be able to enjoy it. In a few days they will give a date to see it online with everyone else players, but you can watch it basically whenever you want throughout T6.

What will happen in the final event of Season 5?

This time, Epic Games has confirmed two things. The first is that we will see the most ambitious kinematics to date, which is saying a lot if we think about the end of the previous season. The second thing is that for the first time in Battle Royale, be a solo experience. At first, we will play Agent Jonesy on their mission to fix the problem with Zero Point, which has been in great trouble since the end of Season 9, when we were still on the original island.

Remember that we have until Tuesday March 16 to be able to enjoy the contents of Season 5. That day, at an unspecified time, a maintenance of the servers should take place with which to start Season 6.

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