The State of Play dedicated to Horizon 2: Forbidden West, the long-awaited sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn, will be held today at 23: 00h (Spanish peninsular time). The new title of Guerrilla Games, authors of the saga Killzone, to be shown for the first time in motion in a gameplay indito of about 15 minutes starring Aloy, the protagonist of the first part. The captured version will be that of PS5, although the title will also go on sale for PS4.

State of Play will air at 11pm and show game in motion on PS5

For those who are not familiar with the first title, it should be remembered that it is a new franchise that was born in PS4. Horizon: Zero Dawn It is a mixture of ingredients that we can find in various open world titles, but with a totally cool and unique universe. The world of Horizon is populated by a good number of tribes fighting for their survival against advanced technology machines with various forms of prehistoric animals. Horizon 2: Forbidden West promises to enhance the good base of the first and expand its universe to unexplored places, where we will find new types of machines and tribes.

Since Guerrilla Games They are very excited and eager for users to know more details about this new installment. For those of you who want to accompany us during the event, we will be live on our official YouTube channel commenting on the news that will be shown. You look forward to seeing more about the sequel to Horizon?

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