Nintendo issue a new Indie World this wednesday April 14th of 2021 to start at 18:00 peninsular time Spanish. The presentation will focus on Indie games coming to Nintendo Switch coming soon. No details have been disclosed about the titles that will appear in the event, which will last about 20 minutes and that you can follow this news live in the next video.

“Do not miss this broadcast of about 20 minutes, dedicated to new indies games on the way Nintendo Switch “, announced Nintendo Spain this Tuesday through its Twitter account. In the description of the YouTube channel they do not delve into details either:” Do not miss the latest Indie World to discover more information about the next indie games for Nintendo Switch ! “.

Some games from the latest Indie World have not yet been released

The The last Indie World Showcase took place on December 15, 2020. That broadcast of approximately 15 minutes featured the launch of Among Us, Calico, Grindstone Y When the Past was Around on the Nintendo eShop that same day. A release date was also set to Super Meat Boy Forever Y Cyber Shadow.

Some of the games announced at that event have not yet been published, so they may appear again in this presentation. The most prominent are Spelunky Y Spelunky 2, which will be released in summer, but also Fisti-Fluffs, Very Very Valet (25 of May), flower, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, Happy Game, Finding Paradise Y Trash Sailors.

The expectations of a large part of the players who comment on social networks and forums, as in the last Indie World, are in seeing new details from Hollow Knight: Silksong, the new installment of metroidvania Team Cherry announced in the February 2019 Nintendo Direct. Since then we have only seen him at the Nintendo Treehouse at E3 of the same year and in a gameplay in August 2019.

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