Focus Home Interactive has announced the purchase of Streum On Studio, developer of the shooters first person set in Warhammer 40.000, Space Hulk: Deathwing Y Necromunda: Hired Gun. The first was released in 2016 and sold almost a million copies, while Hired Gun It was announced last month for consoles and PC. “The acquisition once again demonstrates our desire to create a strong and integrated group, attracting new talent capable of taking our group to a new level,” said Chairman Christophe Nobileau. Streum On “has demonstrated its expertise in the development of shooters acclaimed by the press and the players, “says Nobileau, who is confident that his experience and the support of Focus will help grow the group.

It seems that this is not the only movement of Focus Home Interactive in this regard, since in its annual financial report the editor mentions that has created a procurement team in contact with several potential studios.

Necromunda: Hired Gun launches June 1 is un action game with a fast and brutal style that seeks to offer players multiple possibilities to face their enemies. We can run up the wall, perform a double jump, use the hook to surprise enemies or to disarm them. Everything in our team can be improved, including the brain, the legs or the cyber dog, as we make money from the contracts.

Good financial results for Focus Home Interactive

The company ended the fiscal year with revenue growing 20% ​​to $ 206 million. Among his great successes we find SnowRunner, the early access of Hardspace: Shipbreaker Y Curse of the Dead Gods, although the sales of previous releases have also continued to perform very well, such as A Plague Tale: Innocence, Greedfall Y World War Z.

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