At the State of Play held tonight a new trailer from Sifu, the new game of sloclap, the creators of Absolve, and it has also been announced that it will launch early 2022 on PS4, PS5 and PC, being initially planned for this action.

A spectacular beat ’em up

Inspired by the classic kungf cinema, its playability from sophisticated combat system from Absolve, but at the same time being influenced by the traditional beat ’em up, with a particular mechanic: mastering the martial arts will be fundamental, but also making good use of the magic pendant. It is revive the protagonist after death, but when using it, it ages significantly, something that we can see in this new trailer. Those, getting old won’t weaken you, quite the opposite, you will gain more experience, skills and knowledge to apply in fights.

The history put us in the shoes of a young student who has dedicated his life to training in this raw and realistic combat style with the aim of get revenge on the murderers who killed your family. The action will take place in a fictional Chinese city where suburbs, corporate buildings and other scenarios will be visited. They promise that they will treat own subjects of the fables like the revenge and the redemption. As we progress, we will end one by one with the murderers who killed the protagonist’s family, a common structure in the genre.

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