Strauss Zelnick, executive director of Take-Two, has been in charge of advancing the news: the study Firaxis, which has given birth to sagas like XCOM Y Civilization, to present later in 2021 “various exciting projects”. Zelnick also maintains that the development team has enjoyed one of the best years of his career, as announced in the financial meeting last Tuesday.

Firaxis has several announcements prepared for this year

“Daily active users of Civilization 6 have grown steadily since the game was released more than five years ago and to date, the title has sold more than 11 million units“, He said Strauss Zelnick when evaluating the earnings recorded by Firaxis. “As a result of the commitment shown in the past, as well as the success of XCOM Chimera Squad Y XCOM 2 en Switch, the Firaxis games had one of their best years“.

In this way, the CEO of Take-Two has pointed out that he expects this trail of success to continue in the coming years thanks to the future launches of the study: “We hope that this growth will continue, since the study has several exciting projects in development that will be revealed this year. “. In its earnings report, Take-Two has noted that the strategy saga Civilization, who is 30 years old, has sold a total of 57 million copies.

The Firaxis games have had one of their best years

The truth is that, as for sales figures for their sagas, Take-Two has had large numbers in this recent fiscal year: the saga Grand Theft Auto has sold 345 million copies worldwide in total since debut, while 145 million units correspond to Grand Theft Auto V. NBA 2K it has sold a total of 111 million units; Borderlands approximately 70 million; Red Dead Redemption 60 million units and BioShock, whose fourth installment is in development by Cloud Chamber, 37 million units.

During the financial meeting, Take-Two also announced that Gearbox, the developers of Borderlands, they will launch a new saga before April 2022. At the moment, we will have to wait to know this project and the next titles of Firaxis.

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