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Final Form is the new title of action and science fiction in the first person from Prime Matter, the New Koch Media Publishing Stamp, and the developer Reikon Games, creators of other similar titles such as Ruin. Final Form has been announced for PC and consoles and will launch both in physical as digital format, although the specific systems in which it will appear have not yet been confirmed. The title has been accompanied by a trailer in which we can take a look at his aesthetics and mechanics and a general description.

Final Form is a sci-fi first person shooter in a post-cyberpunk universe

As reported since Prime Matter, Final Form is “a new game within the category of first person shooter, where players can fully customize your Valkyrie’s skills and premium appearance, and team up with other robotic saviors in an increasing dance of movement and combat against a unknown enemy force in a universe post-cyberpunkIn addition to this general description, from Prime Matter they have clarified that Final Form Its about provisional and not definitive title. “Final Form it’s a sci-fi first person shooter game which takes players on an action-packed adventure as a humanoid avatar of a smart spaceship. The mission expands beyond the limits of the known Universe, in a race against an unstoppable plague, to protect the last celestial being, essence of life and creation “, they have explained from Prime Matter.

Since Reikon Games They have added that this video game is like go back to their roots and are excited to show more.
Final Form was born out of a passion for studying to explore the unknown andThe universe they have created is inspired by works of art that contemplate the possible futures of humanity, civilization, and everything beyond. The atmosphere of the title promises to be awesome and haunting in equal measure. What did you think of this first look?

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