Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is the next generation version of the update of one of the Final Fantasy ms acclaimed and loved by the community. The title originally went on the market under the name of Final Fantasy VII Remake in order to PS4 and soon the version will arrive Intergrade in order to PS5. The game could come to other platforms later, as it is a temporary exclusive. In addition to the performance improvements, this new version comes with some technical adjustments to look better on PS5 and has fixed the error of the cloud’s apartment door, the protagonist of the adventure of rol y Action-RPG.

Cloud’s famous apartment door has some updated textures in the Intergrade version.

From the official account of Final Fantasy VII Remake a capture of the video game has been published in which you can see the new textures of the door that gives access to Cloud’s apartment, which can be found in the slums of Sector 7 in the apartment building that Take Cloud’s presentation. This door was the focus of some criticism from fans of the title, since they considered that the textures of some elements of the stage were not at the same level of quality as the rest. The door case became a meme and in mocked object, since the lack of texturing in it was more than obvious and annoying.

In order to better appreciate the change that the new door makes with respect to the original title, the known user Nibel has uploaded a pair of captures taken from both versions to compare. While some users applaud that the community has been listened to So what from Square Enix have fixed the textures of the door, there are those who have shown some indignation because they consider that a reissue of the game was not needed to fix the door So what Could have been fixed via update patch on PS4. Regardless of the new controversy that may have been generated, it is fair to say that this new edition of Final Fantasy VII Remake look better than ever.

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