During E3 2021 Square Enix presented a new version of its first six Final Fantasy under the name Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster. These RPGs for PC, iOS and Android seek to be the “definitive” versions of the classics, improving the quality of the graphics but without altering the spirit of the originals much. They will replace the current versions that start from some mobile graphics that the fans did not like; the first three are released on July 28 -with a Spanish translation- and the rest later.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: Fans Criticize Chosen Text Font

The news was well received by the fans and the first images show that the sprites of characters and decorations add to its detail, but there is one aspect that has received a barrage of criticism: the chosen text font, poor readability and disrespectful with pixelated graphics. Many players criticize that, at least in this aspect, Pixel Remaster it does not improve the versions that are on sale right now. Square Enix has not commented on these comments and it may be possible to correct it at launch or later.

Some player has pointed out that curiously, Japanese images with a Latin font are more legible and at least in this case they do not clash so much with the artistic direction of the games.

There will also be a number of other playable improvements

Apart from the graphical changes, the reissue will include other modifications in the interface, remastered soundtrack, bestiary, gallery, music player and option of automatic battles. At the moment there is no date for Final Fantasy IV, V Y WE, but a pack with the six games for 74.82 euros -a discount of 22% -.

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